Marketing Overview


Posts on Posts on Posts

Now that you've set up your awesome brand with Sloun, how will you get your name out there? Marketing by Sloun can be your solution. At Sloun, we've helped develop your brand style and guidelines, and understand the care your brand needs. Sloun works with each brand personally, creating marketing content that fits your style and message. With Marketing by Sloun, you can receive up to 60 relevant posts a month. That's 2 posts per day! With social media analytics, Sloun will tailor post times to your audiences most active hours.


How will new customers find your brand on social media? In addition to post promotions, Sloun's social media team will use relevant hashtags to boost your posts exposure, gaining more likes and followers.



Three platforms

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With three platform marketing your brand, the wider your audience. This means more customers, which leads to more sales. With the help of Marketing by Sloun, your brand can reach hundreds of new potential customers.

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