Branding Overview


Logo and identity design

Here at Sloun, your brand is just as important to us as it is to you. We understand that how your image is portrayed to costumers can make or break a sale. Our goal at Sloun is to help develop your brand, style, and image in a clean, efficiently designed package. At Sloun, we know that you have an image for your brand. In addition to helping you develop that image, we will also help nourish and grow that image.

BRand guidelines

You now have your beautiful logo designed by our team of designers, but how do you use it? In addition to your hand crafted logo, Sloun will also provide detailed brand guidelines. This includes multiple colored logos, a black and white logo, fonts, and examples on how to use your brand.

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Throughout this proccess, you and the designers at Sloun have worked closely together to create your brand, allowing Sloun to develop a realtionship with you and your brand. We understand your vision, and have helped craft your style. The final step in launching a successful image is brand collateral. This includes everything from business cards to a website. Packaging, posters, advertisments, etc. Allow Sloun's team of talented designers to build how your brand will be viewed in the hands of your customers.


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